As seasoned Professionals with extensive, real world experience in transforming and building high-performance organizations and teams for Fortune 500...

Finding the right career coach for your needs and personality can be a daunting task. However, it is of the greatest importance to find someone that is not only qualified, but qualified to address your needs.

Selecting a Coach

Why Choose Us

​​Calfe & Associates is dedicated to helping you build high-performing organizations and teams so that you may attain your performance targets, deliver exceptional customer service, optimize your people's potential and achieve sustainable results. 

We are a female-owned enterprise with over 30 years of professional experience providing outcome-focused and quality solutions on a regional and national level. 

Whether you are transitioning a few people or many, Calfe & Associates has the resources and expertise to assist you in planning an effective restructuring strategy and successfully manage the transition process from start to finish. 

Welcome Calfe & Associates 

Calfe & Associates is committed to delivering services that are customized to meet the individual needs of the client. We are fortunate to have collaborated with performance savvy clients as we have honed our skill set and experience.  Our strong reputation has been earned because we:

  • Recommend practical, value-added solutions that deliver results.
  • Shape desired behaviors, accountability and outcomes through effective strategies, plans and best practices from creation to execution.
  • Are mindful of and sensitive to each client's culture, goals and needs and expectations.
  • Genuinely care about, listen to and emotionally connect with our clients as we help them achieve their greatest potential.
  • Built and led successful organizations and teams prior to becoming consultants. 

Calfe & Associates' clients know that achieving performance excellence requires a strong commitment, a solid plan, savvy execution plus a trusted partner to provide thoughtful, step-by-step guidance. We earned this trust by delivering to promise and we hope to earn your trust too!

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